For graphic design I like the Affinity suite for its good price and good tools, but they Photo software still a little too far from Photoshop and there’s nothing like Bridge to organize photos, so I have to keep paying Adobe every month for it.

For some small video projects.

Web Design has its own needs and as I normally work now with WordPress. I may use a different  workframe for each case.

And some other small software tools that makes every day’s life a little easier. 


And not enough terabites in harddrives

For small video projects

And some other mics, tools and lights.



My Photography equipment is mostly based in a micro 4/3 system  with two cameras, the Olympus OMD E-M5 Mark II and the Olympus OMD E-M1 Mark II.

Both cameras and  lenses are Olympus, not really sure if I’m a fan boy, but every time I wanted a lens, the Olympus offered a better price and quality. I would like to try other brands but my budget is not so broad and for sure I’m not a photo equipment tester, the main thing is to have good glass at the best price, and the Olympus Zuiko has always the quality that makes them enough good and in some cases even excellent.

I also own a Leica X2.


Zuiko 17mm f:1.8 (Equivalent FF: 34mm)
Zuiko 25mm f:1.8 ( EQ FF: 50mm)
Zuiko 25mm f:1.2 ( EQ FF: 50mm)
Zuiko 45mm f:1.8 (EQ FF: 90mm)
Zuiko Macro 60mm f:2.8 (EQ FF: 120mm)
Zuiko 75mm f:1.8 (EQ FF: 150mm)
Zuiko Zoom 7mm – 14mm f:2.8 (EQ FF: 14mm – 28mm)
Zuiko Zoom 12mm – 40mm f:2.8 (EQ FF: 24mm – 80mm)
Zuiko Zoom 40mm – 150mm f:2.8 (EQ FF: 80mm – 300mm)

The Sirui N3205X has proven to be a good tripod, someone told me that they are also the manufacturers in China of Gitzo, I do not know for sure, but n ‘I’m happy about the stability demonstrated by the legs and head, excellent for its robustness and perfect for my budget, Gitzo and Really Right Stuff are very far from my price and being realistic also of my needs

In spite of the LEDs, I still use use strobes and the Chinese Yongnuo are great, price and with a built-in radio receiver that makes them operational up to 100 meters, I have used them behind a wall far from more than 50m and did shoot perfectly.
Of course I also use softboxes and other modifiers that for sure don’t have much interest to list here. By the way, an infrared Nissin i40 strobe is always in the bag, it’s small and powerful enough for fast solutions.

I have several bags, maybe a little to many and I can always find a new need for one.

Although I can understand that some people doesn’t like to spend time in front of a screen retouching files, I am unable to post a photo without going through PhotoShop.

I use the Wacom Intuos, probably the most popular and it does the job.

There are also other very important and necessary tools for every day use.