The best pictures are always the ones you can take and that means to carry a camera to make them, yes, I said a camera . Some people may say that using a camera doesn’t let time to enjoy or properly see what is around, ok, I must admit that this does happens sometimes, can’t listen much of a conference or follow a hockey match if I’m making the photos, that’s pretty true. But making a photo needs quite a lot of discipline to look at whats going on around, to look at the lights, the shadows, the clouds, or to find the right place where things could happen, annually this needs a lot of concentration in seen and been aware of lots of things that you may look at, provably is a different way to see a place but still an intense way, even when you may find your self walking around doing nothing, enjoying some free time out while the breeze of the fresh air strokes your face and the sun drops some shadows on the streets.

Olympus OMD M5 Mark II