I love boring photos.

Don’t really know if boring is the right word as I like the photos by them selfs, as a piece of a composed tale; to me is not about what is in the photo, it’s about the feeling that comes from that picture to your brain, soul, or whatever is the right human muscle in charge of that.

Technical quality is an other aspect that makes me look at a photo, sharpness, tonal transition, color accuracy… I do hardly try to get the best of that from my Micro 4/3 cameras.

My approach is trying to not been noticed, letting the artistic feel in the photo by it self and as much nude as I can, everything as if the photographer was not there or Photoshop didn’t exist, obviously I was there and Photoshop does exist. 

Some books: Boring postcard USA | Vivian Maier Street photographer (Her works in color or BW) | Magnum, the contact Sheets | Josef Sudek, The legacy of a deeper vision | Fred Herzog, Modern color | Harry Gruyaert …

Some photograpers in Flickr I try to learn from: Ming Thein, José Luís Cosme Giral, Martín Colomés , radspix, Jo-H, Rohan Reilly, Hans Vonk, Thomas Engerlskitchen … 

Hope I can make you feel some sort of emotion with my photo work.